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CJ Stone Feat. Lyck – Lost

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Happy New Year to all of you – I hope you had a blast :-))

As some of You might know, CJ Stone and I did a brand new version of my old Write “Lost”.

AND its going very well, with fine Chart placements especially in Germany and Poland. I want to share my Lyrics with you so You can get a better idea of, whats going on in my mind here.

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Thanks for listening 🙂

I see the days go by
Without meaning
I wanna feel so high
Pretend i´m dreaming
My heart is crucified
When I feel like I don´t belong in this lifeChorus
What if you´ve lost
And you cant find
The pieces inside
What if you´re lost
What if you´re blindWhat if you´ve lost
And you cant find
The pieces inside
What if you´re lost
What if you´re blindVerse
I want the sun to shine
But i´m bleeding
Just give me one more try
Forgive my treason
I cannot turn back time
So give me reason, please let me out in the light

Written by Lyck 2012

Rampage Cafe – Rock’n Roll Reclaimed

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A while since the last post, but tons of stuff is happening

One of them is my new band – YES I’m a part of a band called Rampage Cafe. The sound is far from what to expect from my hands, but never the less a true story. Our new single is coming out 17.11.14 – so if you wanna follow me on this journey – here´s a few links to get you started.

Official page: rampagecafe.com

Facebook: facebook.com/rampagecafe

Youtube: youtube.com/rampagecafe

Twitter: twitter.com/rampagecafe

As always – thank you so much for supporting me and my music, means everything to me !!


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