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Recording vocals for a new killer track for Rampage Cafe — føler sig exited

One more track written and approved ;-)..... I just realized looking back over more than 2 years, that I have no... http://t.co/VWsrMKA7g3

Lyck & Esben Schack – Not worth it

Written by TL. Posted in Release


I am so happy and grateful to present this track. It is a dream coming true doing this duet with Esben Schack.

When I send the track “Not Worth It” to Esben Schack” he got back to me almost immediately saying that he would love to do the duet. I was so happy an exited about this. We had the most amazing and fun recording session, and even though I had a lurking cold, everything just clicked. All together it was a very inspiring and emotional meeting.

“Not Worth It” is about chasing an imaginary “true love” that you know deep down is wrong for you and the battle going on between affection and rejection. I reversed the roles to how it was originally written, so that it ended up being the man chasing his made up “dream girl”.

The Bonus track “One Last Chance” is a filmatic and very emotional chillout track. The story is about discovering that your soulmate is living in another time frame, making you want to find a way to “cross the line”.

If you dare to give in to this ambient vibe it may have the power to release and unlock build up emotions

Esben Schack is an amazing singer and performer. He possesses a sound of something so unique and true that it opens your heart and touches your soul, and to me he is the most talented male artist in DK – so make sure to check out some of his stuff and hit album “Wide Open Space” from 2005.

Both tracks are composed & produced by Michael Kaye.

Im Feeling blessed and exited.


Cover Photo : Tommy Nielsen

New 2014 single – Utopia

Written by TL. Posted in General info, Release

Lyck Post Utopia

Yes Guys – my new single out now – Utopia

I´m proud to present to You my latest single Utopia. Utopia is taking you on a journey into a day- and night time environment, shifting from a dreamy, relaxed atmosphere throwing you in the middle of a crazy party with an fierce anthem. It is a very uplifting and positive track about living your life to the fullest and finding your utopia or paradise in life. To me the lyrics are about opening up and letting the positivity penetrate everything that you do. If you dare to do so, maybe it will make you realize that everything constantly is moving towards and acceleration into a higher vibration in any given situation. But you will have to find your very own truth, like with everything else in life.

The music is composed and produced by Michael Kaye.The diffinition of a Utopia is: “a community or society possessing highly desirable or perfect qualities. The term has been used to describe both intentional communities that attempt to create an ideal society, and imagined societies portrayed in fiction.”You decide where this tune will take you – It is Your Utopia !! so just N-joy the ride :o)
If you just believe the dreams created
Atmosphere and open ranges
Everyone in love is beautiful
I can’t believe the wind is turning
Utopia the night is burning
The wind is turning turning
The night is burning